IAAS Exchange Program

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Dear IAASers, hope you are all doing well and enjoying your students life!!
Our beloved readers, EXchange PROgram is one of program in IAAS which facilitates students or IAAS members to do Exchange all over the world. The aim is to provide students with valuable experiences, both technical and cultural all over the world. EXPRO has three great activities such as Sending, Hosting Place, and Job Rising. But, here, I would like to tell you about Hosting Place only.
Hosting Place is for facilitating foreign students who come to our country to have an internship. This year, IAAS World has introduced some new hosting places in Canada, Mexico, USA and Slovenia. Here, we will tell you a little about these new hosting places around the world. Let’s see ~

Canada is a country in North-America. Don’t you know, it has some awesome hosting places, such as Mix Vegetables Organic Farm – Ferme des Pensees Sauvages (St-Aubert, Quebec); Mix Farm – Ferme Cornier (L’assomption, Quebec); Mix Farm – Ferme du Bon Temps (St-Joachim, Quebec); and Mix farm – Jardins de la Mechatigan (St-Martin, Quebec).
Mexico, as known as “the second Spain”, is one of the world's most diverse agricultural country to be visited because of its weather systems. By its superiority climate, Mexico has introduced its new hosting places in IAAS, they are: rural development project; School farm, in collaboration with Bayer Crop Science of Mexico; In School Farm (Dairy Cows); Rancho Santamarina (Organic dairy ewe farm); Hacienda Los Azteca (Horse Riding and Wine Production).
How about Slovenia? Well, Slovenia is a Slavic nation state, located in South-Central Europe, at the crossroad of main European cultural and trade routes. Gaining its strengthen in agricultural side, country of which territory is mainly mountainous has some wonderful new expro places.
The last alternative hosting place is USA! Interested? Well, some people see USA caring about their industrial side only, as we know how far their technologies developed. Actually, that  ISN’T TRUE!! Here, USA has new hosting places the most. They are taken places in Missoula, Utah, North Carolina, New Mexico, Alaska, and Gatlinburg.
So if you find this interesting and to see more information above, just click herehttp://www.4shared.com/file/NrlT2wAx/expro_in_canada_mexico_sloveni.html . This application form can be downloaded from www.iaasworld.org
Which country do you wanna see guys? :O
Challenge your self by exploring the world...!! be on board.. :D